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Hi, my name is Amy Johnson from Harrisburg. For anybody who is interested in buying a children’s book I’ve assembled some good information. Get a copy of We Are In A Book! (an Elephant And Piggie Book) by Mo Willems. This unique child’s book is a joy to read. My sons who are ages 28 and 7 years old came home with a hardcover copy of We Are In A Book and after reading it I came up with this overview.

The author is Mo Willems and it was published in September of 2010 by Hyperion Book CH. The book is 64 pages long.

There are a lot of books not to mention writers around, however, not each and every children’s book is correct for every single person. A good quality book is among the most desirable items on earth. The best price tag I could discover on the We Are In A Book! (an Elephant And Piggie Book) is around $4.54 less than what you would pay within the bookstores. For the greatest price on a copy for this book together with other children’s books, check out the market link below.

Elephant Books for Kids