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Your child will love this marvelous book by Stan Kirby. This particular Captain Awesome book is actually a joy to read. I found myself at my sister Flora’s property and noticed her sons who are 17 and 14 had an one hundred and twenty-eight page paperback copy of Captain Awesome And The New Kid , so I decided the time had come for a review about it.

Eugene McGillicudy stands up for Sally Williams, the new student at Sunnyview Elementary, and then discovers that they both like an orange cat named Mr. Whiskersworth and the comic book super hero, Super Dude.

The author is Stan Kirby and the publisher is Little Simon. The book went on sale sometime in May of 2012. The book is related to Superheroes along with Cats, Schools and Friendship and is thought to be fantastic fiction. In case you are inside the library you can search for it using the classification code, PZ7.K633529 Caf 2012. This is the 1st ed. of Captain Awesome And The New Kid has 128 pages and it has artwork.

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