Are you looking to pick up a book? Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is a great child’s book. Make sure that you turn yourself on to this particular children’s book and experience new things when you flip the page. This unique child’s book is a pleasure to pick up. My sons came home with a three hundred and thirty-six page mass market paperback copy of Ender’s Game from the school book store. After reading it together we put together this evaluation.

Written by Orson Scott Card and the publisher is Starscape. The child’s book was available around February of 2002. The child’s book is related to Wiggin, Ender as well as War games and Genetic engineering and it is thought to be first-rate fiction. This is the 1st Starscape ed. of Ender’s Game has 336 pages.

If you want a children’s book which is suited to your kids, be certain that this book is in your collection. A good quality book is among the best things anywhere that a person can possess. The present lowest price tag I could discover for this child’s book is around $3.00 which is much well under that which you’d shell out in a bookstores. To get your own personal copy of this children’s book for your kids, visit the add to cart button below.

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