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Moses: The Long Road To Freedom – the long road to freedom is a must own children’s book. Just be sure you turn yourself on to this book and experience new stuff whenever you flip the page. My brother-in-law Duane from Durham and I had been recently serious about acquiring a new children’s book for his kids when Duane advised I get the book Moses: The Long Road To Freedom .

Brief summary:

Recounts the story of the Jewish leader Moses, from his birth until his leading of the slaves out of Egypt. Based on the Torah, Modern Commentary and the King James Bible.

The author is Beneduce, Ann Keay. and the publisher is Orchard. This book was available sometime in February of 2004. This version is the 1st Scholastic ed. is 32 pages long and it has some colorfully illustrated pages.

If you want a book that is certainly suitable for your children, make sure this book is in your library. A fine book is considered among the most beneficial things on the earth. Today’s lowest price tag on it is around $8.37. To take advantage of the low price I came across, visit our partners via the link on this page.

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