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Children love Walter Payton – football’s sweetest superstar written by Mike Towle. My husband was going to get our daughter who is 3 a good sports book and then my sister thought she may be willing to read the book Walter Payton .

Written by Mike Towle and it was published sometime in August of 2005 by Cumberland House Publishing. The children’s book is 225 pages long and it is loaded with black & white drawings. The book furthermore stresses Football players. The table of contents are Out of Mississippi — The bad news bears — The golden bears — Sweetness — That’s the spirit — Walter Payton, sportsman — Walter Payton, superstar — Walter Payton : dollars and sense — Short (and sweet) takes — Walter Payton, his fans. Its 0.65″H, 8.3″L, 5.32″W.

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There are a lot of children’s books nowadays, nonetheless, not every book is correct for every single individual. Should you want a child’s book that may be suited for your children, be sure this book is on the list. Walter Payton: Football’s Sweetest Superstar may at this point be found for less than bookstore prices. I would like for you to get the best price when choosing a football book for your children, please check out our store button below.

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