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Your child will love Uncanny X-men: An Origin Story : an origin story written by Disney Book Group. My husband and I started looking for a new children’s book for our children when we happened upon Uncanny X-men – an origin story.

Tells the story of a boy named Charles Xavier who discovers that he is a mutant with special powers, how he decides to use those powers to protect humanity, and how he starts a school to teach mutants to use their super powers for good.

The author is Disney Book Group and it was published sometime in 2011 by Marvel Press. The hardcover book is for ages 36 months and up and is related to X-Men as well as Superheroes and it is thought of as great juvenile fiction. The child’s book has 48 pages and it comes with plenty of colorfully illustrated artwork.

You will discover almost millions of books online, however not each and every children’s book would work for each and every person. Should you want a child’s book that’s meant for your children, ensure this book is part of your collection. The current lowest price tag I could uncover on the Uncanny X-men : an origin story is $3.95 which is way around what you will shell out in the book stores. I would like for you to get the best price and service when acquiring a children’s book for your children. Please check out our store add to shopping cart button.

X-men Books – Join the Uncanny X-men in their adventures battling evil.