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In case you are looking for a book We have come up with very good info. Kids’ Silliest Jokes a great book. Just be sure you turn your self on to this child’s book of jokes and experience something totally new every time you turn a page. My daughters came home with a paperback copy of Kids’ Silliest Jokes from the local library.

The author is Jacqueline Horsfall and the publisher is Sterling. This book was released sometime in 2003. The book has 96 pages.

There are many children’s jokes to choose from, however not each child’s book of jokes is proper for each person. Should you want a book that’s made for you, make certain that this child’s book is in your collection. The lowest price for this book is about $1.78 which is much lesser amount than what you would spend inside the book shops. To order a copy at the best price, click on the button.

Funny Joke Books for Kids