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Storm is an awesome child’s book. My close friend Stacey Anderson from Hialeah, Florida was telling me her son who is 8 had read the child’s book Dogs Of The Drowned City #1: The Storm and that son who is 8 thought it was marvelous.


When a hurricane forces his family to evacuate without him, Shep the German shepherd is confused. Where is his boy? And what is Shep supposed to do now that the extra food is gone? Then another dog shows up at Shep’s window and convinces him to escape. There’s food and water outside, and a whole empty city to explore. Shep just wants to go home – but the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.

The author is Dayna Lorentz and it was published sometime in 2012 by Scholastic Paperbacks. The paperback child’s book concerns Dogs and it is deemed fantastic juvenile fiction. At the Dewey Decimal Classification number is P. The children’s book has 224 pages. It accentuates Hurricanes.

Allow yourself to be absorbed during this child’s book. As you read, imagine this circumstance within your mind. You may get as innovative as you choose with the situation in your head. It’s probably put you among the enjoyment as well as thrill with the book.

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