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Permit me to reveal to you this great children’s book entitled First Book Of Jewish Bible Stories . Make sure that you turn your self on to this particular book and experience new stuff when you flip a page. This child’s book is a joy to pick up. I found myself at my aunt’s place and saw her sons who are ages 16 and a toddler had a hardcover copy of First Book Of Jewish Bible Stories , so here is my assessment.

The author is Julie Downing / J. Downing and it was published sometime in 2002 by DK CHILDREN. This version is the 1st American ed. of the book has 48 pages and it is stuffed with colorfully illustrated pages. The table of contents are, God makes the world — Noah’s ark — Abraham and his family — Joseph and his rainbow coat — Moses in the bulrushes — Jonah and the big fish — Daniel in the lion’s den — Who’s who in the Bible stories.

You will find pretty much untold thousands of books not to mention authors to be found, however not each book is appropriate for each individual. A fantastic book is probably among the most beneficial things on the earth. The very best amount I could see for this children’s book is $14.99. For additional details on this child’s book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

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